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Historically, advances in servo technology have been incremental steps rather than giant leaps.The MultiAx with technology has changed all that. MultiAx redefines totally what a user can - and should - expect from a servo system, in terms of installation costs, set-up times, axis performance and dependability. By achieving substantial improvements in all of these crucial areas, MultiAx provides the machine builder with a simple, powerful and cost effective way of improving the competitiveness and performance of any machine...... It’s an edge that will make all the difference to your machines in ultra competitive global markets.

MultiAx Servo Controller

  • Digital clarity with (2.5Mbaud, 4 wire system)
  • High resolution feedback 8.3M counts per revolution)
  • Lower cabling requirements - 4 core cable
  • Advanced SinCos encoders as standard
  • Motion Controller compatible
  • MultiAx is three axis in one servo



The technology uses a combination of Control Techniques 4-wire, ASIC and motor-mounted SinCos encoders to achieve an application invariant 20-fold increase in position feedback resolution (over 8.3 million points per revolution). This is achieved by integrating speed & position control within the feedback system on-board the servomotor. As a result, the is able to overcome the degradation in performance experienced with encoder feedback signals when synchronising multiple servo axes on machines as operating speeds increase. For the ultimate interpolated multiaxes performance, control loops are deterministic and synchronised to give the lowest jitter in the industry - of 50 nanoseconds. As well as being a performance enhancer now, technology is also a gateway to the future. Its integration into PC-based motion systems opens up a whole new vista for optimised multi-axes control in the new future.

technology Your Control Benefits

  • Perfect trajectory following - high resolution feedback
  • Perfect linearity on velocity feed forward
  • Perfect dynamic response on acceleration feed forward
  • High control loop bandwidth to achieve sub micron
    precision on position
  • Reduced machine vibration - ultra smooth operation
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    Output Current RFI Filter (IP20)
Complies with EN50081/1 or 2
Drive Rating Maximum Peak Current Part number Maximum power dissipation (W) L W D
Continuous Amps (2 sec Max) Amps mm mm mm
Axis   A B C A B C 4200-3258 11.83 270 50 87
MultiAx SAC/SDC Low 2.5 2.5 2.5 5 5 5
MultiAx SAC/SDC High 9.375 9.375 9.375 18.75 18.75 18.75
MultiAx HAC/HDC Low 2.5 2.5 2.5 5 5 5
MultiAx HAC/HDC High 15 9.375 9.375 30 18.75 18.75
Supply Voltage 380 - 480V ±10% (47.5 to 63Hz) 9.75kW continuous from system
Rated ambient 50ºC
Altitude: derate above 1000m
Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing

Automation Stock / Rome Electric
36 Westside Industrial Blvd.
Rome, GA 30165
Fax: 706-232-2071
Email: sales@automationstock.com

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